How often should I wash my Rich & Elegant virgin hair bundles?  

 Washing bundles before install is recommended.  Once installed, it is recommended that you wash your hair at least 1-2 times every other week, but it does depend on your lifestyle.  For example, a person who sweats a lot due to their work and or exercise regimen, it's recommended that they should wash their hair 1-2 times a week.  For others, it has been recommended washing 1-2 times every two weeks.  Rich & Elegant Virgin hair should be washed with a good conditioner (sulfate free) and lukewarm water.  Gently wash hair in a downward motion with your palms (do not vigorously rub), let the lukewarm water run through hair bundles.  You can use a wide-tooth comb or Denman brush, to comb through hair starting from the bottom of bundles, working your way up, to prevent tangling.  


What length of Rich & Elegant virgin hair bundles do you carry?

We carry lengths that range from 12'' to 28''.  Longer lengths are special order.


What is the quality of my Rich & Elegant virgin hair extensions?

We carry the highest quality hair. We take pride in quality.   


How to choose the right shade of hair extensions?

Color/tone simply depends on the donor (person who donated the hair).  Most shades are natural browns or natural black in color.  Please keep in mind that every donor has different hair textures, colors.  We mainly carry natural black tones.  Our bundles can be colored, bleached and dyed.  We also carry ombre colors.  

How are Rich & Elegant virgin hair bundles different?

In & Out Hair Weaves "Rich & Elegant" Virgin hair collection is different because we guarantee top quality virgin hair.  With the proper professional care, our extensions can last 1 plus years.

Do bundles have a return policy or exchange policy?

No returns, no refunds, no exchanges, no online order cancels.  


How long does shipping usually take?

In & Out Hair Weaves take pride in great customer service and that also includes shipping.  Once your order is placed, we begin processing immediately.  Orders within the U.S. usually take 3-5 business days.  Overseas/ APO/FPO orders may 7-10 business days.   

How may I contact you?



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